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Our New Arrivals
In April, we added goats to our repertory of animals here at the ranch.  We have several goals in mind with them, one which was to help  to clear our land.  This is an old farm that has become very overgrown.  We have had it timbered once,  which opened up several large areas for us.  But weeds and other ground cover came.  We also still have area that has small tree growth.  The goats have been amazing at clearing land.  We started with a small area about the size of a 1/2 acre and they cleared it so quickly, that we had to start free ranging them during the day.  We have now fenced a second area for them, which is about 2 acres in size. 

We started with 6 goats, added another 6 goats shortly thereafter.  Mid-summer we added another 4 does along with a buck.  Wonder is our herd sire, with good size, wonderful coloring and temperament.  We expect our first crop of kids from him in early 2010.  Our first three adult does that we purchased were bred at that time.  We just had a set of triplets, and two sets of twins.  Caramel, pictured below, is a little buckling out of our doe, Houdi. 

Toffee, pictured above, is sister to Caramel, out of our doe Houdi. She and her brother are the largest of the 7 kids we just had here.

This is Red Thunder, one of Cannonball's triplet boys.

This is another of Cannonball's triplet boys, Top Hat (or Topper)

This is the third of Cannonball's triplet bucklings.  We are still trying to name him

The traditional white buckling above is Jim Dandy, this is his sister, Merlot The are both percentage Boer's.  Their mother is Trouble, a half Myotonic doe.

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