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The Horses
Slick, Tonka & Kashmir Gallop

We have had some wonderful horses over the years.   Our focus has been on developing wonderful and skilled trail horses.  A good trail horses should be able to navigate any terrain and go through or over any obstacle presented.  They should also be able to go all day long and move at a reasonable (6 - 8 mph) pace.  They should remain sound and sane doing this.  Our current remuda consists of Appaloosas, Arabs, Arab crosses and Standardbreds.  We have had Paints/Pintos in the past and are looking to add them back to our stock. We currently have no horses available for sale, but please check back as we are continually updating this.

Many of the horses we have had came to us with either physical or mental problems, or just needed reminding of what they had learned in the past.  We love to get horses off the race track, as the training and conditioning they get in preparation for their racing career can be a great foundation for building a safe and sound trail and endurance horse.  All of our Standardbreds have come off the track.  We have some wonderful breeding (a Cam Fella granddaughter) and we have horses will good winning histories (winner of the 1996 Fryeburg Fair).

We currently have a young Arab and Arab/Mustang cross in training.  The Arab is just being broke to saddle.  The Arab/Mustang cross is one of those horses that needed some finishing and reminding of what he has already learned.  Both are wonderfully sweet horses that are willing to learn and really love being around people.

Tonka, Kashmir, Slick, Ru & Ash

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